CE Marked Plastic Glassware


We offer CE marked plastic glassware. To conform with CE standards, glasses are marked with a fill line on the side of the glass. Most of our Beer, Tumbler and Shot glasses are CE marked.

 The CE can be found in the product title, product information and printed on the bottom of the glass. Our premium quality products are the perfect accompaniment to any catering or hospitality event.

Elite CE Lined Plastic Glasses

Our polycarbonate range of plastic glasses are extremely durable. Due to their virtually unbreakable nature, the Elite range is a fantastic alternative to real glass. These glasses can be used repeatedly without showing sign of wear or damage. They can be used over 1000 times and are glasswasher safe.

Our Beer, Tumbler and Shot glasses in this range are all marked with the CE logo. They are fill to the brim glasses, and drinks can be poured right to the edge of the glass. The CE mark is there to indicate an accurate measuring for serving. We also have a range of glasses that are LCE – CE marked and lined glasses. In this instance, drinks can be poured to the line to ensure an accurate measurement has been served.

Frosted Plastic Polycarbonate Glasses - Elite

Beer Glasses – CE Lined

Our plastic Beer glasses are made with polycarbonate technology. This makes them particularly robust and unlikely to shatter. These particular glasses are great for outdoor use or large catering events because of their strong nature. They can be used repeatedly without damage, and their premium quality makes them comparable to actual glass.

By law, licensed premises such as bars, restaurants and pubs are required to accurately measure the drinks that they serve. Because of the LCE and CE lines in place on our products, this process is incredibly easy. Rely on our range of plastic glasses to serve your customers. Explore our range of smaller box quantities or bulk buys if you’re looking to cater for a big event.

Plastic Beer Glasses Pints

Elite Tumbler and Hiballs – CE Lined

If you are looking for another option, explore our range of Tumbler and Hiball glasses. These can be ordered in bulk boxes for use in bars and restaurants, or they can be brought in smaller pack sizes for at home use. Just like our other polycarbonate plastic options, these glasses will not shatter or break. They can withstand continuous use and our glasswasher safe.

Our Tumblers and Hiballs all conform to CE standards. This mark will be present on the bottom of the product. Because these products contain this mark, they are safe to use in licensed establishments where alcohol is required to be served by the measure. The glasses in this range are either fill to the brim or fill to the CE line.


Glass Jacks plastic glassware for catering
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