Plastic Champagne Flutes

Plastic Champagne Flutes

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Our plastic champagne flutes are the only way to drink your champagne in style. We all love to celebrate and find a reason to crack open a new bottle, but many issues can occur from the glasses we drink from. It is no secret that glasses can break. This is true when you have a party or a gathering of some kind. It is almost guaranteed that you will need to clean up broken shards of glass. So, how can this be avoided?

Plastic champagne flutes are the perfect solution to this problem. These innovative products will change how businesses look after their stock and make any house party that bit safer. When dropped, our plastic champagne glasses will not break or shatter. Instead, they will stay intact and eliminate the need to get out the dustpan and brush. They are crafted out of high-quality plastic polycarbonate.

This makes them virtually indestructible. We’re confident that these are the right glasses for you, your business or your home! What’s more, our plastic champagne flutes are dishwasher safe making them easy to clean too! If these are something you’re interested in, please feel free to contact us today!

We here at Glassjacks are dedicated to ensuring that we are an eco-friendly company. That is why we do not sell disposable plastic champagne flutes. However, with our plastic flute glasses, there is no need to opt for single use plastics. These products will last through many washing cycles, will not suffer from scratches when dropped meaning they will look good for many years to come.

If you would like to find out more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today. This can be done by emailing us We hope to hear from you very soon!

Yes! Glassjacks offer bulk buying options across our wide range of plastic champagne flutes and the rest of our products. We are often supplying to many different restaurants, catering companies, event planners, care homes and more!

However, we can offer smaller options too! This is so that you don’t have to opt for a large purchase. All you have to do is contact us directly. This can be done by emailing us with the products you would like. We will then do everything in our power to fulfil the order for you.

As a family-run business, we work hard to offer great customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are ready and waiting to help you with everything you need.

Investing in our plastic champagne flutes is easier than ever! All you need to do is choose the products you would like to order, add them to your basket and click checkout. You will then be taken through a simple ordering system that will tell you what you need to do at every step.

Your plastic champagne flutes will then be on the way to you as quickly as possible. We usually despatch orders within 3-5 working days. This will be delivered to your door directly! If you’re looking to buy polycarbonate champagne flutes in bulk, please do not be afraid to contact us. We can offer discounts for larger orders.

If you would like to find out any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today. This can be done via our email ( or through our online contact form.

Yes! We here at Glassjacks want you to have the freedom to choose the reusable plastic champagne flutes that best match the style you’re after. That is why we offer anything from gold plastic champagne flutes to white plastic champagne flutes.

Please take a look at our range and see what will be the best solutions for you! From the classic, clear style to coloured solutions, Glassjacks has the range of products you have always needed.

If you need to contact us directly, you can send us an email to We will get back to you as a matter of urgency.

Another way to contact the team at Glassjacks is by filling in our online contact form. We hope to hear from you soon about our plastic champagne flutes!

View our extensive range of plastic champagne flutes.

Manufactured from premium polycarbonate plastic.

Virtually unbreakable and 100% reusable.

Choose from our collection of elegant and stylish clear plastic unbreakable champagne flutes.

We also have a variety of coloured plastic flutes from our coloured plastic glassware range.

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