Reusable Plastic Cups

Reusable plastic cups are the ideal way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. The perfect alternative to one-use disposable glasses, our reusable plastic cups will last for years whilst showing very little signs of wear. As a result, they will rarely need to be replaced, acting as a key component to your next occasion. Switch to our innovative products for your home or business.

If you work for a travelling catering company and are looking for alternatives for your business, turn to our reusable plastic cups. Easily stackable and shatterproof, our modern products provide an array of benefits compared to traditional glass. If you are always on the go, your can transport our plastic glassware without the fear that it will smash or crack. Our glasses are extremely safe.

Make a sustainable change this year with our premium plastic glassware. Reusable plastic cups will revolutionise the way you think about catering, providing you with a quick and easy way to serve guests. The hardwearing nature of our products means they can be used repeatedly without the fear the plastic will begin to cloud or crack. We only use the finest materials in our plastic glassware.


Far better for the environment, our reusable plastic cups can be used in bars and hotels as well as larger catering events. Instead of ending up in landfill, like many other cheaper alternatives, our environmentally friendly solutions will reduce how much waste you produce. Make a sustainable change in your business by choosing our products. You won’t be disappointed in their quality.

Our reusable plastic cups can be used time and time again, meaning you will have to rely less on disposable alternatives. Able to be cleaned over 1000 times, they are glasswasher safe, allowing you to sterilise them effectively before they are used again. If you work in a business that serves hundreds of customers each day, our reusable plastic cups are durable and long wearing.


Reusable Plastic Cups


Unlike other one-time use products, our reusable plastic cups are incredibly strong. Able to be dropped from a height without the risk that they will shatter, they are ideal for use both inside and outdoors. Make them the next addition to your summer party and choose from our extensive collection of sizes and styles. We are guaranteed to have something to suit your business.

Our innovative products are shatterproof, meaning they will rarely have to be replaced. A fantastic alternative to traditional glassware, our reusable plastic cups exude the luxurious look of real glass but without the hassle. You will never have to worry about our products breaking as they are continuously tested to ensure they perform to the highest industry standards at all times.


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Range Of Styles

The great thing about our reusable plastic cups is the range of stunning styles they come in. Whatever your next occasion or event, we are guaranteed to have reusable plastic cups to suit your needs. From sophisticated plastic wine glasses to cocktail glasses, we offer a selection of affordable options to complement your establishment. They are available in a number of sizes too.

In addition, all our reusable plastic cups are complete with a CE mark. A legal requirement for any bar or restaurant, this will ensure each serving is of the correct size. We make it incredibly easy for bar staff to pour the appropriate amount, thanks to the integrated CE marks on the side of our reusable plastic cups. Every element in our products is carefully considered for the best outcome.


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Quick Delivery

At Glassjacks, we pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service, aiming to deliver your reusable plastic cups within 2-3 days. This means your customers could be enjoying our modern products sooner than you thought was possible. If you are a larger company looking for reusable plastic cups quickly, we are able to provide our products within a matter of days.

Made of a strong polycarbonate material, you will not be disappointed in the quality of our reusable plastic cups. Performing to the highest standards, our products are unmatched anywhere on the market. Available in a range of pack sizes, choose your new glasses depending on the needs of your business. We are able to cater to both homeowners as well as larger establishments such as restaurants.



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