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Brilliant service, kind, courteous and professional, thank you Helen for going above & beyond, keep up the good work!
Very professional. Excellent quality. Would definitely recommend
A wonderful company to deal with - nothing is too much trouble :-) look forward to working with you again!
I am not sure what we would do transporting all the thousands of glasses we transport without glassjacks, probably end up breaking most of them, absolutely love the product and very good company to work with
A great service, fast delivery and will continue to be a customer for years to come.
A great glassware service, so helpful and easy to use. Highly recommend!
Glassjacks glass boxes have been a life saver for my events and transporting my glassware! Making storage organised with being easy to stack. Can’t wait to get more!
Have bought champagne racks a few times, service and communication is always speedy and the product is A1 quality. Will use again ✌️
Fabulous stacking crates for glassware. We use them all the time for The Gin Shack and love them. Great quality and super quick delivery 👌

Stunning range of Glassware by Genware. Catering Quality Drinking Glasses. Beautiful glassware – clear, durable and of the highest quality. This glassware range includes wine glasses, gin and tonic glasses, drinking glasses, beer glasses, glass tumblers, wine glasses, champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, hot drink glasses, shot glasses and much more.

The glassware sets are perfect for bars, restaurants, weddings, events or simply entertaining at home.

Genware catering glassware is dishwasher safe.  Perfect for time efficient cleaning of glasses in busy restaurants and bars.

A variety of glassware styles have been manufactured using fully tempered glass which is 5 times stronger than normal glass.

The listed glassware range have beaded rims and are manufactured from a single piece of glass to improve strength and durability.

Within this section you can also view the Genware range of Drinkware.

A selection of stylish and innovative vessels, mugs, pots, cones and cups that are a perfect alternative to traditional glassware, ideal for presenting your cocktails, mocktails and other cold beverages.

Glassware Bulk Buy Offers. To view current stock availability, please click the Nevilles logo :-Nevilles - the home of Genware

Glassjacks has an incredible range of high quality glasses for catering companies. The glassware that we sell can be used well over a thousand times without any visible wear and tear to the product.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying for a pub, club, restaurant or for a different kind of establishment like a care home. We are confident that you will have all the glassware solutions that you will need. These can suit all kinds of budgets and offer selections that can be classic or even modern.

We are based in Hampshire, however, we offer our products throughout mainland UK. Our glassware is available to both commercial and residential customers.

Benefit from any of the following: Red wine glasses and white wine glass, champagne flutes, pint glasses and so much more. Get in touch with the team today for more information about our fantastic range of glassware!

As a company, Glassjacks want to offer the best brands in the business. That is why we sell amazing Genware products. They are amazing quality and at incredibly competitive prices. These will be the perfect solution for professional catering businesses.

The ranges from Genware that we offer include:

  • Empire & Lal – Both ranges are created using a durable and consistent level of premium manufactured glass. These glasses have an innovated beaded rim. This means that these are incredibly strong and strengthens the vulnerable edges of the glassware. This means that they will not chip and increases the overall lifespan.
  • Gusto – These are fine glassware. They feature extended upper rim thickening. This improves the durability of the product, helping it to last far longer than others available on the market. These are crafted from the wuality Crystalline material which is designed specifically for the catering industry.
  • Vicrila – this is Spain’s leading name in table glass manufacturers. These products are crafted using tempered glass. This means that qit will be heated to a melting point and then cooling it rapidly again. This works to close the hairline fractures that occur in regular glassware. This is so that you get a vastly stronger product that will be sure to last for much longer.
  • Eco – The Eco range is one that has be produced using newer manufacturing techniques. This will allow for much fast production speeds in comparison ot other methods. This will then reduce overall waste and need for extra resources.
  • If you are interested in other brands, please be sure to contact the team using our online contact form or by emailing us at

All of our glassware is safe to use in dishwashers. This means that you won’t have to wash these glasses by hand. These are a time effective solution that will be sure to increase the speed in which you can sell drinks in your establishment and create an ease of effort.

Our glassware can also fit the dishwasher racks that we also sell! You can purchase these from us today. For any assistance, please contact us today! Our team are reading and waiting to help you out with your glassware order!

Bulk purchases are always available from Glassjacks. All you need to is contact us directly by filling out our online contact form or emailing us directly. We will be able to check stock levels, order in what is needed and fulfil your order.

As a company, we understand that it is vital that you get your orders of glassware as soon as possible. This is because you need these in order to provide the perfect service for your loyal customers. That is why we will make sure to despatch delivers within 2-3 days for any mainland UK addresses!

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