Plastic Jugs

Plastic Jugs

Are you in need of amazing new plastic jugs to adorn your kitchen space? We offer a wide range of different jug styles and sizes to help you dispense beverages in style. Suitable for either a practical home life or for a stylish touch at parties, our selection of different colour finishes and models gives you the freedom to be creative and choose your favourite plastic jug design!

Here at Glassjacks, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers. All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the standards we set. As a result, we have built a reputation for providing market-leading glassware and plasticware across the United Kingdom.

Premium Quality

The plastic jugs we provide offer unmatched levels of durability. By sourcing our materials from premium-grade polycarbonate, we’re able to manufacture fantastic products that won’t wear or lose their sheen after over 1000 uses. Invest in a smart, cost-effective plastic jug that won’t need replacing for years to come.

Our plastic jugs are ideal for serving water, juice, soft drinks and alcohol to family, friends and guests. We offer various sizes, from two-pint jugs to four-pint jugs, with linings to help you measure your beverages. If you require, we can organise a bulk buy for the plastic jug models of your choice – contact our team to find out more!

Comparable To Glass

Real glass is often the traditional material option for elegant, classy glassware due to its clarity and glossy look compared to older plastic models. However, they’re renowned for their fragility and can be heavy and awkward to transport. Our innovative polycarbonate plastic jugs provide all the benefits of real glass with the practicality of plastic, resulting in a lightweight, durable and visually appealing product.

Explore our different colours and styles to find the perfect fit for your kitchen, dining table or event interior. If you’re worried about usage, many of our plastic jugs come with well-fitted lids to mitigate spillage and keep the liquid safe and secure. Whatever you’re looking for, Glassjacks has got you covered.

Durable & Sustainable

The polycarbonate material we use in our plastic jugs provides unmatched levels of strength, making our products up to 250 times stronger than glass equivalents. This results in virtually unbreakable plasticware models with mighty lifespans, no matter how frequently they are used. Their ability to withstand high temperatures ensures they are glasswasher safe and straightforward to clean.

We care deeply about the planet’s health, which is why we’re committed to avoiding single-use plastic, which wastes materials and clogs up landfills. Our high-strength polycarbonate’s durability makes it a sustainable choice for you, as it won’t need replacing for a very long time. Make an eco-friendly choice with us and protect the environment.

Plastic Wine Glass Benefits


Range of Styles

Whether it’s a family meal, a corporate meeting or a fancy event, our plastic jugs can enhance any environment. We offer a vast array of different finishes and models to suit your requirements. Give your interior set-up the finishing touches, which will dazzle your peers!


Almost Unbreakable

On top of the loss of a jug, breakages can be dangerous and difficult to clean up. Avoid a worst-case scenario by investing in a strong product which can withstand heavy impact and excessive use without losing its strength or putting you at risk. Our polycarbonate models are a superior option to real glass designs.



Carrying your jugs from place to place shouldn’t be an arduous task. Our plastic jugs are up to six times lighter than glass models of the same thickness. Make your jugs accessible and easy to use by minimising excessive weight, which can increase the chances of spillages.



Our plastic jugs are ideal due to their reusability after over a thousand washes. Unlike single-use plastic, they’ll continue to perform time after time. Rest assured that your stunning new plastic jug models are built to last and won’t show signs of wear for a very long time.



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