Plastic Cups

Our low cost plastic cups are far better for the environment than their alternatives. They are made from 100% reused plastic and are recyclable, making them a sustainable option for your home or business. Available in a range of sizes, our go green bottles are perfect for large scale events such as festivals or concerts. Make a conscious change in your business by switching to our products.

Our 100% recycled cups are both durable and lightweight, making them easy to hold as well as transport. If you are moving between different venues, our plastic cups could make a great addition to your company. They can be easily stacked too, meaning you will be able to bring large quantities of plastic cups with you to cater for your paying guests. They are convenient and environmentally friendly.

Still maintaining their clarity, our sustainable plastic cups look and feel great. Never compromising on quality, our practical solutions can help make your business more efficient. Instead of throwing disposable cups into landfill, our recyclable options are made from food-safe, 100% post-consumer waste, reducing the amount of rubbish produced. Once used, they can be recycled again.

Environmentally Friendly

The plastic cups that we sell are much better for the environment. They consider the whole process of production, reducing any waste that is produced almost completely. After the end of your event or festival, the plastic cups will be gathered together, cleaned, sorted and re-ground before being used again. This constant cycle means the plastic cups stay in rotation rather than going to waste.

Because the plastic cups are cleaned and sorted before they are re-ground, the whole process is incredibly efficient. The cups themselves are incredibly hardwearing too, never collecting bacteria, making it safe for them to be used again. Even after this process has been completed time and time again, the quality of the cups will still remain the same each time.


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Different Styles

Our plastic cups are available in a range of styles to suit the theme of your event. Perfect for holding a cold beer or a fruity cider, our plastic cups are extremely practical. If you are worried about the waste produced after your festival has ended, eliminate the problem with our products that can be gathered together and used again. The lifecycle of our plastic cups is endless.

Whatever you require, we are guaranteed to have the solution. Our range of styles means every business is catered for. Choose lids for your plastic cups if you are serving cold coffees, or choose our pint glasses, ideal for a beer or lager. Whether you are serving alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, our plastic cups are handy for an array of purposes. They come in a variety of pack sizes for your choosing.


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CE Marked

To ensure every business is complying with the necessary regulations, our plastic cups are complete with an important CE mark. This gives the bartender a clear indication of where to pour the beverage, meaning every drink is the same size. This allows your business to have some form of consistency when it comes to serving beverages. Keep your customers happy with our products.

Strong, flexible and transparent, our plastic cups are perfect for a number of purposes. If you are catering to a large scale event, use our products to make your production line more efficient. Easily stacked behind the bar or in your van, the lightweight nature of our cups means they can be taken almost anywhere. Open up the possibilities for your business with our innovative recyclable options.


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Waste Solutions

It is now more important than ever that we turn our focus to the environment and the impact our way of living is having on it. Businesses are especially culpable for this and should find new ways to reduce the amount of waste they produce. By switching to our plastic cups, you are automatically doing your bit to reduce your impact on the planet. Make the necessary change today.

The closed loop programme means single-use plastic cups can now be recycled completely in a process that is quick and efficient. Where plastic cups are used at an event, they can now be used and then recycled in a waste system that is incredibly straightforward. This particular programme means 0% of our plastic cups end up in landfills, a fantastic achievement.



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