White Champagne Flutes

Make your next occasion that little bit more special with our white champagne flutes. Elegant and simple in style, they will add a touch of sophistication to any party or event. Made of the highest quality materials, our white champagne flutes are completely shatterproof, making them the ideal addition to a restaurant, club or bar. Switch to our modern products to experience their benefits.

White champagne flutes are an essential part of any party. Easy to hold, the long stem and rounded bowl allow for a comfortable grip. This means they are less likely to be dropped, leading to spills over your floor. However, if this does happen, the strong polycarbonate technology we use will prevent your white champagne flutes from breaking. Save money on replacements with Glassjacks.

Make a toast to friends and family with our stunning white champagne flutes. Modern and stylish, they significantly reduce the need for single-use plastic. Make a more sustainable change in your home or business with our environmentally conscious products that will dramatically lessen your reliance on disposable materials. Not only is this better for the environment, but it is better for your pocket too.

Why Choose White Champagne Flutes?

The white plastic champagne flutes we provide both look great and offer the best performance. Never discolouring or tarnishing over time, they will continue to look as good as new even years after they have first been purchased. This is because we use premium grade materials in all our products to guarantee their superior quality. Explore our products to see results for yourself.

Elevate your occasion to the next level with our beautiful plastic glassware. Our white champagne flutes are made of a polycarbonate plastic to ensure their strength. As a result, our products are extremely durable, keeping their shape even after they have been dropped from a height. As a result, they are able to be used again and again whilst never compromising on their quality.


White Champagne Glasses

Dishwasher Safe

All our plastic glassware is extremely durable and dishwasher safe. Our white champagne flutes are no exception to this rule as they can easily withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees. Consequently, they can be washed and sterilised to the highest standards, ready to be used for your next guests. The plastic will never collect bacteria, making them extremely safe to use.

Our white champagne flutes are approximately 250 times stronger and six times lighter than traditional glass. This makes them a great alternative to your current glasses as they are shatterproof and easy to transport. If you are a catering company that is constantly on the go, choose our products to make your life a little easier. They stack together neatly, saving space.


white plastic champagne flute


The reusable nature of our white champagne flutes makes them a sustainable option for any establishment. Choose our cost-effective products as the most efficient way to save you money and time on replacements. Lightweight and recyclable, they weigh just 76g, making them incredibly comfortable to hold. Virtually unbreakable, they are made of a strong polycarbonate material.

The plastic glassware we sell combines the latest technology with visual appeal for superior results. We never compromise on the finished product, supplying homeowners and businesses with beautiful white champagne flutes that are made to last. You will never be disappointed in our glasswasher safe products that are tested to the highest standards. We have a range of pack sizes available.


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Long Lifespan

Fill your new white champagne flutes with your choice of bubbly and sit back and relax as you take that first sip. The rounded nature of the bowl allows the sweet aromas to fill the glass, elevating the whole experience. We make any occasion special with our white champagne flutes that look elegant and are extremely long lasting. They can be washed over 1000 times in their lifetime.

Are you tired of cleaning up broken glass after every event you hold? Switch to our plastic alternatives that will completely eliminate this problem. White champagne flutes are unbreakable, meaning they can be dropped several times without the fear that they will shatter or break. Their long lifespan means they can be used repeatedly for years without showing signs of wear.



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