Plastic Glasses

At Glassjacks, we can provide your home or business with beautiful plastic glasses that are shatterproof and made to last. Using modern polycarbonate technology, our plastic glassware proves an incredible alternative to traditional glassware that can easily be broken. We never compromise on the style of quality of our products, offering products in a range of styles.

Planning to host your next occasion? Choose our plastic glasses to serve cocktails and other cold beverages of your choice. Mimicking the look and feel of real glass, your guests may even struggle to tell the difference. They can be purchased in a variety of pack sizes to ensure we are able to cater to all event sizes. The plastic glasses we provide are incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

Our plastic glasses are reusable too, significantly reducing the impact of wasteful single-use plastic. They can be used time and time again, never losing their clarity or compromising on their quality. Our stunning designs make the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, from our fun shot glasses to our sophisticated plastic champagne flutes. We guarantee you will find something you love.

Why Choose Plastic Glasses?

Plastic glasses are a great alternative to traditional glassware as they can be dropped from a height without the risk that they will chip or shatter completely. This makes them ideal to be used in a pub or restaurant where there is the constant possibility this may happen. Instead, you can rely on our plastic glasses to provide years of wear as they are strong, shatterproof and easy to store.

Perfect for both catering companies and homeowners alike, the plastic glasses that we sell come in a range of styles to suit everyone’s taste. Made from a superior strength polycarbonate, our products are glasswasher and dishwasher safe, meaning they can be reused over 1000 times without showing signs of wear. Virtually unbreakable, they have the appearance of glass with the strength of plastic.


Plastic Glasses Price


As our plastic glasses will very rarely have to be replaced, this makes them extremely cost-effective. Lasting for years, our products are long wearing and durable, making them the perfect solution for your home or business. Marked with a CE stamp, all our plastic glasses meet the necessary regulations to ensure they are appropriate to use in establishments such as bars and hotels.

The high quality finish of our plastic glasses is unmatched. Ideal for a party or large dining event, our stunning products offer premium quality at an affordable price. Available to buy in bulk, save money on out cost-effective solutions that can be used frequently. Instead of continually buying disposable one-use cups, switch to our plastic alternatives to make a sustainable change.


Reusable Plastic Glasses


Withstanding temperatures of up to 145 degrees, our plastic glasses are dishwasher safe, meaning they can be sterilised and cleaned effectively before being used again. Ideal for both use indoors and outside, they make the perfect addition to any pub or garden party due to their durable nature. The are approximately 250 times stronger and six times lighter than traditional glass.

Shattered glassware can be a potential hazard to your customers or guests. The sharp edges could easily cause unwanted injury. In order to avoid this completely, choose our plastic glasses that are both safe and practical. Comparable to real glass, they provide the same level of clarity and style without the risk. They are extremely lightweight too, making them easy to stack.


Reusable Plastic Glassware Costs

Range Of Styles

Our plastic glasses are available in a huge range of styles to suit your taste. From plastic wine glasses to plastic tumblers, our products are able to cover every occasion. Choose from our coloured finishes or opt for something more traditional; we really do have something to suit everyone. Our plastic glasses come in different sizes, so you will be able to pour exact measurements.

Even after they have been used continuously, they will continue to look as good as new. This is due to the high quality materials we use in all our products. The durable polycarbonate in our glasses makes them incredibly strong and robust. As a result, they can be dropped from a height without the chance that they will break or shatter. Have complete confidence in the quality of our products.



Glass Jacks plastic glassware for catering
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