Plastic Coffee Cups

Whether you are a large hotel or an independent café, we can provide durable, plastic coffee cups. Available in a wide selection of styles and sizes, our premium products never compromise on quality or functionality. Easy to hold and never too hot to touch, our stunning plastic coffee cups make the ideal addition to any business. Switch your disposable items with our reusable, plastic alternatives.

Our innovative products are made using the finest quality materials to ensure they continue to perform as they should. We use an extremely strong polycarbonate in our plastic coffee cups to ensure they don’t melt or warp under the heat and pressure of boiling water. Incredibly safe to use, our modern products will provide you with decades of use, rarely showing signs of wear.

Make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to get their morning coffee fix with our sustainable alternatives. Easy to clean, our stunning plastic coffee cups never collect bacteria meaning they can be sterilised to the highest standards. Have complete peace of mind with our state of the art reusable glassware that promises to deliver on all aspects of design, quality and functionality.

Range Of Styles

Whatever your style, we are guaranteed to have plastic coffee cups to match. Available in a huge selection of sizes and colourways, our beautiful products exude elegance and luxury. The easy to grip handles mean our products are comfortable and lightweight to hold, unlike traditional ceramic mugs. Explore our modern alternatives to see how they could benefit your business today.

Ready to purchase in a range of pack sizes and styles, we are able to cater to both large establishments and small, independent businesses. This means everyone is able to benefit from our reusable plastic coffee cups that are a sustainable alternative to one-use glasses. Glasswasher and dishwasher safe, our products can be washed at high temperatures, never becoming cloudy.


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The hardwearing nature of our products means they can be dropped from a height without the fear that they will crack or shatter. Not only does this make our plastic coffee cups safer for your business, but it could also significantly reduce the money you have to spend on replacements. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, they make the perfect alternative to traditional glassware.

Our cost-effective plastic coffee cups can be used repeatedly, continuing to hold their shape and shine for years. Made using a combination of premium grade materials, our products will never let you down on price and quality. If you are in need of plastic coffee cups quickly, we provide a fast and efficient service, aiming to deliver your new purchase with 2-3 days. It really is that simple.


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Virtually Unbreakable

Our virtually unbreakable plastic coffee cups make a beautiful addition to any business. Durable and long wearing, our modern products will provide you with decades of use, rarely showing any signs of wear. Consequently, they are extremely cost-effective, more so than disposable cups that often end up going straight into landfills. Reduce the amount of waste you produce with our sustainable options.

Offering superior strength, our plastic coffee cups can be used both indoors and outside. As a result, you won’t have to worry when they are dropped, as the risk of shattering is virtually non-existent. Comparable to the look and feel of real glass, our plastic alternatives provide the same visual appeal; your customers may even struggle to tell the difference between the two.


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Each day in the UK, hundreds of one-use cups are disposed of in landfills. Where recycling facilities aren’t available, these cups contribute to this country’s continuing waste problem. Make a revolutionary change in your business by switching to our sustainable alternatives to reduce the amount of single-use plastic you use. We make it easy for you to make the change, all for an affordable price.

The plastic coffee cups we sell never compromise on quality, meaning you will receive some of the very best products the market has to offer. Refined over the years to ensure they are both stylish and practical, our plastic coffee cups are cost-effective and durable. They will keep your hot beverage at the perfect temperature, with very little heat escaping from the sides of the glass.



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