Clear Plastic Cups

Buy our clear plastic cups to make a sustainable change in your business today. Available in a variety of styles, our 100% recycled options are ideal if you are looking to reduce your overall impact on the environment. Compact and lightweight, our clear plastic cups never compromise on their quality or clarity, continuing to look great even when they have been through the recycling programme.

Once used, our clear plastic cups can be gathered together and recycled, making them an eco-friendly alternative to other single-use, disposable options. This makes them incredibly cost-effective too, as none of the materials used ever go to waste. Ideal for large scale events such as festivals and football matches, our clear plastic cups will significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Creating a circular economy, choosing our clear plastic cups means you will dramatically decrease the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Perfect for the environmentally conscious, our quality products are affordable too, meaning everyone is able to benefit from our solutions. The clear plastic cups we sell are 100% recyclable, meaning every part of the product is ground down and used again.

Reduce Waste

Reduce the amount of waste your business produces with our clear plastic cups. If after a festival or large scale event you are left with a mound of rubbish to clear, consider our products to decrease how much of that ends up in landfill. Our lightweight cups can be easily collected together and recycled, making the whole process incredibly straightforward and efficient. Make the change today.

Strong yet durable, our clear plastic cups never compromise on quality. As a result, our products are easy to hold and comfortable to drink from, making the process more enjoyable. Available in a range of styles and sizes, there are options to suit every style of business out there. Whether you are a travelling catering company or the host of some of the UK’s biggest festivals, everyone can benefit.


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Recycling Programme

The clear plastic cups that we sell are part of a bigger recycling programme, so you can be rest assured our products are going to good use. The cups are gathered together then ground down before being manufactured in a way that allows them to be used again. This clever, efficient process is fast and practical, a reflection of our continued commitment to bringing sustainable solutions to the market.

Reduce your overall plastic waste with our products. Often after large scale events, a huge amount of rubbish is then left to go into landfill. If people continue to operate their businesses in this way, it will have a detrimental impact on the environment. By introducing our clear plastic cups into your next event, you are instantly making a positive change for the better. It really is that simple.


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Originally produced from a strong polypropylene material, our clear plastic cups offer quality as well as functionality. Practical in design and easy to hold, our sustainable solutions are a fantastic alternative to other options such as disposable and single-use plastic. Easily collected and recycled, they are designed to stack together neatly, saving you considerable amounts of space.

To make sure you are complying with the necessary regulations, our clear plastic cups all come with a CE mark. A line on the side of the clear plastic cup, the CE mark indicates where the server should pour to. This makes ensuring each beverage is the same simple, allowing you to serve your customers quicker. This is especially beneficial in high demand environments like festivals.


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Why Choose Glassjacks?

Choose Glassjacks to provide your business with some of the best sustainable alternatives on the market. Our recyclable clear plastic glasses are reflective of our collective effort to reduce our impact on the environment. You can do the same by making the switch to our affordable clear plastic cups that can be easily recycled and used again; the process is incredibly simple.

To make sure the demands of your business are catered for, our clear plastic cups are available in a number of pack sizes. Choose up to 1250 cups per pack, allowing you to stock up quickly and for an affordable price. This will be cost-effective for your business too, as you can buy in bulk in preparation for the season ahead. Whether you are a small business or operate nationwide, we have you covered.



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