Recycled Plastic Cups

Our recycled plastic cups are far better for the environment than their disposable alternatives. Turn the tide against single-use plastic and make the switch to our recyclable options instead. As part of a much wider nationwide recycling programme, our plastic cups will significantly reduce your impact on the environment. Once used at your event, our recycled plastic cups are ground down and used again.

This efficient and practical cycle helps to eliminate the use of single-use plastic altogether. Our lightweight recycled plastic cups are strong too, meaning they can be transported across the country without the fear that they will crack or become brittle. Whatever your next occasion or event, make it a sustainable one with our products that are designed with quality and functionality in mind.

Available in a variety of styles, sizes and pack amounts, our recycled plastic cups make the perfect addition to any business. Big or small, whatever the size of your event, our products will help to significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce at the end of each day. Gather all the cups together so they can be washed thoroughly, ground down and then manufactured into glasses again.


The recycled plastic cups we sell are a sustainable option for your business. Made from either 100% used plastic or virgin material, they can be recycled time and time again, making their lifecycle practically infinite. This efficient process is quick too, making the turnaround of these recycled plastic cups incredibly fast. As a result, this reduces the need to produce more as they are already in rotation.

Reduce your impact on the planet today by making the switch to our recycled plastic cups. Durable in nature, they can be dropped from a height without the fear that they will shatter, unlike glass alternatives. This makes them incredibly practical to travel with as they can be stacked easily, reducing the amount of space you would have to keep clear to store them. They are ideal for large events.


recycled plastic cup packs

Excellent Clarity

Despite the process our recycled plastic cups have been through, they never lose their clarity. Always of the highest quality, our recycled plastic cups both look great and are better for the environment. This winning combination puts our products above the competition as we promise to deliver on style and functionality. You won’t be disappointed in our practical products.

Never collecting bacteria, our recycled plastic cups are incredibly safe to use. The eco-friendly products are made from food-safe, 100% post-consumer waste, such as fizzy drink bottles and water bottles. The carefully selected materials in our products mean all parts can be recycled; you will never have to worry about separating different parts. We aim to make things incredibly easy.


recycable plastic cups

Large Pack Sizes

To make sure you are covered in all eventualities, our recycled plastic cups are available in varying pack sizes. If you are looking to host a large scale event such as a concert or festival, our recycled plastic cups could be the answer to all your problems. With up to 1250 cups per pack, that equates to only a few pence per cup, saving you considerable amounts of money in the long run.

Our cost-effective solutions are the perfect addition to any size business. Whether you operate locally or nationally, our recycled plastic cups will never let you down on quality or practicality. Rethink your next event by making the switch to our products to reduce the amount of waste you produce. This will prevent unnecessary plastic entering our rivers and oceans and harming their wildlife.

recycled plastic cup costs

Retail Approved

Not only are recycled plastic cups great for large scale events, but they could also benefit your small business. Perhaps you are a local café or takeaway and want to make more sustainable changes to your business; consider our products as a way of doing just that. Order our recycled plastic cups online and know you are doing your bit for the environment. Our delivery service is fast and efficient.

As Glassjacks, we are constantly assessing ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. Our recycled plastic cups are a great solution to the growing demand on the planet, paving the way for eco-friendly alternatives to take over the market. Our cups are made from PET, one of the world’s most recycled plastics, which can then be re-manufactured again into a range of goods.



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