Plastic Tumblers


Make a sustainable choice at home or in your business with our reusable plastic tumblers. Available in a range of styles, we guarantee there will be something you love. From traditional plastic tumblers to decorative designs, we have all the appropriate products you need to make your next occasion special. Our plastic glassware is designed to be completely shatterproof.

Suppose you are planning a large event or looking to invest in glassware alternatives for your restaurant or bar; our plastic tumblers are available in a number of different measures to suit your business. From pint glasses to half pints, we try to cater to everyone with our cost-effective, reusable plastic tumblers. They look great and last for years.

Plastic Tumblers

Our plastic tumblers are great for everyday use. They can be washed at up to 145 degrees, making them dishwasher safe and easy to sterilise. We appreciate glasses will have to be used in constant rotation in pubs and bars; that’s why we make them as easy as possible to clean. Our plastic tumblers can be used repeatedly whilst showing little signs of wear.

The plastic tumblers we sell will never crack or become cloudy after they have been used. Made of durable polycarbonate, our plastic glassware is made to be completely shatterproof. This eliminates the risks associated with traditional glassware, such as cracking or splitting. Ultimately, this makes our products a far safer alternative to be used at large events.

Choose our plastic tumblers to start experiencing their long list of benefits. Not only are they 250 times lighter than glass, but our plastic alternatives are 6 times lighter too. This makes them incredibly easy to transport, perfect if you are a travelling catering company. There is no risk they will shatter due to the modern polycarbonate technology.


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Comparable To Glass

Our cost-effective reusable plastic tumblers are comparable to real glass. They have the same clarity and feel but are far more durable. The industrial style strength of our plastic glassware is what makes them so unique. They combine the traditional design aspects of real glass with the power of polycarbonate. To ensure everyone can benefit, we price our products competitively.

Say no to single-use plastics with our sustainable alternatives that can be easily added to your next occasion or event. The sustainable plastic tumblers we sell help combat the ongoing issue of disposable plastics as they can be used repeatedly. Continuing to look as good as new for years, our products can be used in any establishment.

Used both indoors and outside, our plastic tumblers are perfect for a pub or hotel garden. We know traditional glassware can easily get broken as your customers enjoy the night. We aim to eliminate this issue with our products that can be dropped from a height without the fear that they may smash. As a result, you don’t have to worry about costly replacement fees.


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CE Marked Plastic Tumblers

It is essential that glassware supplied to businesses such as bars and restaurants must contain a CE mark. This line on the side of a glass indicates to the server where to pour too. This ensures every measurement that you pour is exactly the same each time. As a result, all our plastic tumblers have a CE mark on their side, even on some of the smaller products.

Perfect for cocktails or any other cold beverage you desire, our plastic tumblers are easy to drink from. The rounded plastic edges are smooth and clear, replicating the feel of real glass. To make your life easier, a number of our plastic tumbler styles are stackable, making it incredibly simple to store them away at the end of each day.

All our products are available in varying pack sizes to suit your requirements. From packs of 1 up to 48, we cater to homeowners and large businesses alike, making it easier for you to choose your ideal number of glasses. Make our products the next addition to your gathering; your guests may even struggle to tell the difference with real glass.


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Plastic Tumbler Benefits


Long Lasting

The plastic glassware we sell can be reused up to 1000 times, making them a sustainable choice for any hospitality business.



Because they rarely need replacing, they are a great, cost-effective alternative to traditional glassware.



Made of durable polycarbonate, our modern plastic tumblers can withstand being dropped without shattering or cracking.


Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps one of the best things about our plastic products is their environmental benefits. Ditch single-use plastic for our glasses.



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