Environmentally Friendly Plastic Glasses

In recent years, more and more, we are seeing how wasteful it is to use single-use and disposable plastics. This is because they are discarded and often end up in landfill and natural habitats such as the ocean. This has been causing outrage as it is beginning to affect the beautiful wildlife inhabits our world.

Sometimes, recycling these plastic glasses is not a viable option. Which then begs the question: What material is better to use that plastic? Can we move on to other things such as paper or better yet biodegradable plastic?

In this article, Glassjacks will shed some light on why some disposable plastic cups cannot always be recycled. We will also examine why our environmentally friendly plastic glasses are ideal for homes and businesses alike.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Glasses

Can You Recycle Plastic Glasses?

Yes and no. The answer to this question, however, is much more complex than many seem to realise. To understand recycling and why it isn’t always the first option for large corporations is the first step in understanding why this is such a difficult subject to breach.

It is no secret that big businesses want to make money. This means they want to see the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) or profit from the products they offer their customers. The plastic manufacturing industry is no different.

These businesses will not use recycled plastic if it is more expensive than virgin plastic and vice versa. A lot of money goes into obtaining, keeping and recycling plastic which is why many companies go for the cheaper option, which is fresh and new virgin plastic.

To make this a more economical choice, businesses want to collect clear plastics made up of a single type of plastic rather than many different types.

For example, have you noticed that McDonald’s has recently switched from using frosted plastic lids for their drinks, opting instead for a clear alternative? This was not done on accident, or through a styling choice made by the company. This was done as an environmentally conscious choice to improve their impact on the planet as a whole.

 environmentally friendly plastic glasses from glassjacks

Disposable plastics need to aim for these three things in order to make them easier to recycle:

They need to be clean – Despite popular belief, many of the plastic food packagings we may recycle ends up in landfill. Why? Because they are dirty. Having food and other things touch the plastic will leave them “contaminated”. However, plastic cups and glasses are usually not seen as such.

They need to be clear – Coloured plastic ensures that recycling makes this far more difficult. Once colour is added to a plastic, it cannot be removed, making it extremely tricky to find ways of repurposing many different colour plastics.

They need to feature a single material – if you want environmentally friendly plastic glasses, you need to consider what they are made from. If they are not crafted out of a single material, look elsewhere. It will be much hard to recycle a composite.

Once recycling becomes more widespread, in theory, it should become a cheaper and more viable option ensuring that all cups are environmentally friendly plastic glasses.

Paper cups are seen as an alternative. However, due to be made of a mixed material including – you guessed it – plastic, they are not easy to recycle. This makes them not an alternative that we should strive for.

Another myth is that of biodegradable plastic. It will only do this under extremely high temperatures and not if they were to be littered around, making them a harmful myth.

 environmentally friendly reusable plastic glasses

Why Choose Our Plastic Glasses?

Here at Glassjacks, we pride ourselves on offering environmentally friendly plastic glasses for our customers. They are reusable and will last throughout plenty of washes and will keep looking good. They are virtually indestructible. This means if anyone were to drop these, they would survive the fall and not chip, crack or shatter.

 Plastic Glasses - Environmentally Friendly

As a family-run business, we strive to make a better world for future generations. That is why we do not offer single-use plastic cups in order to help create a greener world for all. If you would like to find out more information about our environmentally friendly plastic glasses, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our team will be more than happy to talk to you about everything you need to know about these fantastic products.

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