Are you looking for a way to store your glassware in a safe and secure fashion, without risking breakages that can result in risk for you, as well as the loss of potentially expensive or sentimental items? Glassjacks has a wide range of different storage solutions for all kinds of glassware for both residential storage and commercial ventures. No matter if you are simply looking to store some of your excess glassware in your home, or if you are in the hospitality business looking to keep your stock of glasses safe from breakages that can put your staff at risk of injury; we here at Glassjacks can help you find the best storage solution for you, as well as giving you advice on how to best package and store your glassware.


Day-to-Day Storage Advice –

You may think keeping your glassware for every day use is the easy part, with many people keeping them in easily grabbable distance in their cupboards and on shelves. But are you keeping your glassware the right way?

There is an ongoing debate whether it is better to store you glasses upside down or the right way up, and while both have their benefits and their potential negatives, what really matters is what kind of glasses they are. You should not keep wine glasses or champagne flutes upside down, as their delicate rims aren’t designed to hold the weight of the rest of the glass and can result in breakages and hairline fractures which can break during usage or washing due to changes in temperature. Meanwhile, keeping normal drinking glasses upside down is a good way of preventing dust or dirt settling inside the glass, although this can easily be solved by rinsing the glass in water before drinking out of it.

Mugs can also be stored either up or down, but if you are looking to save on cupboard space then you can buy a mug-tree or a hanging rack to keep them out of the cupboards without taking up excess room on your countertops either.

Long-Term Storage Solutions –

However, if you want to move your glassware somewhere else, such as if you are moving to a new house or need to transport some of your excess glassware to a new storage space, then we here at Glassjacks can offer affordable storage solutions to ensure that your glassware isn’t damaged or poorly stored.

While cardboard boxes may be the first choice for the storage of glassware, it is a risky one as damp and wear-and-tear can greatly affect a cardboard box’s structure and usability; with tape and replacement boxes having to be used again and again to prevent the bottom from falling out, or torn corners or sides from causing glasses to fall out during lifting or transportation. However, our lightweight and reusable plastic storage boxes provide a much better long-term storage solution.

Each box comes with removable inserts, meaning that you can separate out the glasses to prevent damage from them hitting against each other during transport. Also, they are stackable, meaning that, if you have more than one, they can be easily stored away without taking up any more room than they need. Their durability also gives you the peace of mind that you need for either your residential move or your hospitality or catering job, knowing that your glassware won’t fall out or become damaged because of poor storage.

When packing your storage boxes, however, it is recommended that you line the box with bubblewrap, before wrapping all of the individual glasses in bubblewrap and packing paper, securing each one with tape. Then, when packing the glasses into the storage boxes, it is important to keep in mind what kind of glasses are being put where, with the hardier mugs and drinking glasses better to be put on the bottom layer, with the more breakable flutes and wine glasses being stored on top.

If you would like to get some storage boxes for your glassware, then head on over to our product page where you will be able to quickly and easily find just the right box for you. Simply use our calculator by inputting the dimensions of the glasses that you want stored, and we will point you in the direction of the storage box that will be able to fit them.

All of the storage box pages list their dimensions, what size glasses they can accommodate, as well as their interior and exterior sizes, so that you can be sure that your storage boxes will be able to fit nicely inside the storage space you have for them.

Glassware Storage Containers Prices

If you have any other questions about any of our products, then please do no hesitate to contact us through our online contact page, where one of our friendly team members will be all too happy to give you all the information you may need to know.

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