If you are working in a job that requires the use of a lot of glassware or have a lot of personal glassware that you want stored for safekeeping, then you will be aware of how important it is to store them properly. Glassware can be expensive to buy, and you don’t want to end up forking out more money for replacements every time you use them, and they may have sentimental value that cannot be replaced. Also, broken glass is a big health and safety risk to you and your staff, so what is the best way of storing glassware the minimise the risk of damage or breakages?

By following our 7-step process, you will be able to store your glassware properly and safely, without worrying about the safety of you or your staff or having to replace a large amount of your stock every time they are used.


Put together an inventory

Before starting your packing, it is important that you know exactly how much glassware you have and how many you need to store. Knowing how many glasses you have to hand is a very important factor that can help you if you are running a business that needs to keep up with demand, but it will also tell you how much storage space you need to set aside and how many storage boxes you need to buy to store them all in.

Writing up a physical inventory is recommended, as then you will have a record of how many glasses are available to you in storage if you should need them, and also making sure that all of the glasses in your possession are accounted for.


Build your storage boxes

Once you know how many glasses you want to store, and have bought the appropriate number of storage boxes, it is time to put them together. You may think it is as simple as folding them out and putting the glasses in, but if you want to ensure that you have as few breakages as possible there are some precautions to keep in mind. Before you start packing your glassware, you should first reinforce the bottom of the box with a strong layer of packing tape, preventing the weight of the glasses from breaking through the bottom of the box.

Before putting any glasses in, you should also line each box with a thick layer of bubble wrap and reinforce all the corners and seams of the boxes with packing tape so that they don’t break during transit or suffer from any handling damage.For a more concise explanation on how to assemble your storage boxes, please follow our step by step guide here.


Wash and dry all of the glasses you are going to store

Putting away dirty or unwashed glasses can cost you more time in the long run, having to rewash them when they are needed to be used again, not taking any mould that may have grown into account. Additionally, putting away wet glasses that have just been washed can make carboard storage boxes very unsound.

If the glasses are wet, do not stack them inside one another as this can cause a suction vacuum and make them impossible to remove without risk of breaking if forced apart.


Pack the boxes carefully

When wrapping up your glassware, it is best to do it on a clear flat surface, rolling them first in bubble wrap before stuffing any hollow sections with packing paper (which also can absorb any remaining moisture from washing. Wrap additional bubble wrap around the outside of the glass, as well as around any handles or stems, before securing it with packing tape.

When putting them into the boxes, it is best recommended to do so by taking into account the different natures of different types of glasses. Flutes and wine glasses should be separated by carboard inserts, while sturdier tumblers and mugs can be stacked with smaller inside larger. Any empty space left after all of your glassware has been stacked should then be filled with additional bubble wrap and packing paper to prevent the glasses from moving around or clashing during transit.


Label the boxes appropriately

Once you have packed your boxes, it is recommended that you label them so that you know exactly what boxes contain what types of glassware for both storage purposes as well as for future reference when you need to use them again.


Transport the boxes in a safe manner

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t play football with your boxes, with any careless handling during transit risking breakages that results in you having to repack the boxes and having to buy in replacements. When transporting your boxes, therefore, you should stack them in a way that prevents any from toppling over. Also, make sure that the boxes at the bottom of the pile are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the other boxes, instead of having wine flutes supporting the weight of coffee mugs. For any more fragile items, if you are moving them in a car then putting a seatbelt around them to prevent additional jostling is recommended.


Pack your storage space with thought

Store your boxes in a secure and dry place, away from direct contact with the floor and walls to prevent any damp from affecting the boxes and the glasses inside. Shelves or wooden pallets are often the best way of doing this, either having them raised off of the ground or on a solid base between the crates and the floor.


That is all the information you need on how to properly pack and store your glassware, be it for personal storage or for your business, kitchen or service that requires the use and storage of glassware.

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