How To Clean Plastic Glasses

Plastic glasses are incredibly simple to keep clean, saving you precious time and hassle. Glassjacks have a fantastic range of high quality, reusable and virtually unbreakable plastic glasses. Polycarbonate plastic glasses have excellent clarity and look just like real glass. The glassware is a superb and safe alternative to breakable glass.  

 Polycarbonate is a tough and transparent thermoplastic that has many applications that demand high performance properties. Polycarbonate plastic glasses are almost indestructible, hard and rigid and in many cases virtually identical to glass. Glassjacks are a leading supplier of polycarbonate plastic glasses.  

Our range of reusable plastic glasses are of premium quality and are exceptionally easy to keep clean. We have a fantastic variety of different glasses, including plastic wine glasses, plastic champagne flutes, plastic cocktail glasses, plastic gin glasses, plastic tumblers, plastic shot glasses and plastic beer glasses.

 This premium range of plastic glassware also includes plastic jugs, plastic carafes/decanters, plastic cocktail shakers, plastic teacups and plastic latte glasses. The great thing about our products is their superior strength. Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable and can be reused over 1000 times.

With the elegant appearance of glass and the practicality of plastic, polycarbonate plastic glasses are an obvious choice for commercial businesses such as busy bars, restaurants, cafés and clubs. Because they can be sterilised and cleaned quickly, they never collect bacteria. Our plastic glassware will never become cloudy or tarnish.


how to clean plastic glasses


Dishwasher & Glasswasher Safe

Polycarbonate plastic glasses and barware are dishwasher (top shelf) and glasswasher safe to a temperature of 60°C. To maintain the plastic glasses in their best condition, it is recommended that a low temperature wash cycle below 60°C is used for both wash and rinse temperature.

A combination of detergents and raised temperatures can lead to environmental stress cracking on the plastic surface. If your washer temperature is particularly high, it is recommended to hand wash the plastic barware. This is to ensure the plastic glassware maintains the look and feel of real glass.

We recommend you use a good quality detergent in your dishwasher or glasswasher, which is designed for plastics; preferably one without rinse aid is ideal. It is also important to make sure that the polycarbonate glasses are not rubbing together during the rinse cycle in a glasswasher. Enhance the look of our plastic glasses with Liquid Renovate. 



Handwashing is another great way to clean our plastic glassware. The polycarbonate plastic glasses should be cleaned with a normal dishcloth or soft washing up cloth when handwashing. Abrasive cloths and scouring pads will scratch the plastic, which could lead to a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A normal detergent can be used with our products.

We know that once you have purchased your new glassware, you will want to take care of them and provide them with the love they deserve! In doing so, you will help keep them looking as good as new and extend the life of the product. Cleaning them regularly at an appropriate temperature will ensure they continue to look as good as new. 

We recommend leaving the plastic glasses to dry naturally to avoid contamination from drying cloths. Once they are cleaned and dried off thoroughly, our plastic glassware can be used again. If your business has a high footfall, you won’t have to wait around as our products can be sterilised quickly, making them safe to serve with.  


Hard Water Areas

If you live in a hard water area, which is the case in many areas of the UK, you may find limescale and other mineral deposits can begin to cloud up your glasses. Don’t panic; this is not a deterioration of the polycarbonate material. The deposits can be removed by simply soaking the plastic glasses in a bowl of water with a small drop of household bleach.  

Following the soak, make sure you wash the glasses thoroughly to ensure that all traces of bleach are removed before use. This will help to return your plastic glasses to their absolute best. We make the maintenance and aftercare of our plastic glassware incredibly straightforward, relieving you of any stress or hassle.


Regularly Check your Polycarbonate Plastic Glasses

If you are a business, you will want to offer your customers the perfect experience. It is therefore important to carry out regular checks on your plastic glasses to assess scratching. We recommend that you do not stack the plastic glasses tightly together as this will increase the risk of damage to the inside of the glass.

Once cleaned, polycarbonate plastic glasses should be stored in a safe place rather than on the floor. Not only will this reduce any further damage to the glassware, but it will also ensure they are free of any bacteria. Our plastic glassware has a long lifespan, meaning it will last for years, never tarnishing or discolouring after frequent washing. 


Plastic Glassware Prices 

To ensure the quality of your plastic glassware, make sure they are cleaned regularly. All our quality products can be purchased here

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