Knowing how to pack fragile glassware is massively beneficial for improving its security and shelf-life. With Glassjacks, you can get storage solutions that make packing and transporting glass less stressful and far safer.

Some glassware, including our own, is incredibly durable and resistant to thermal shock. Despite these advances, however, glass remains fragile. Therefore, it’s critical to use storage that secures your glassware while also helping it last longer.

At Glassjacks, we’ve been perfecting our storage solutions for years. We offer a range of essential storage solutions that benefit homes and businesses alike. Each comes with box dividers that will precisely fit the fragile glassware you need to pack.

We’re the glassware and storage box company that allows you to make a real difference to your home or business. You can look through our extensive storage options here. 

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With the right storage, you’ll make a massive step towards keeping your glassware secure. There are many different types of glass, its challenging to maintain them all. However, with a few tricks and innovative storage, you can pack fragile glassware more efficiently and more safely.

A practical solution for packing fragile glassware is box dividers. Glassjacks supplies box dividers in a variety of sizes to suit any box or crate. These restrict the space your glasses can move within without putting pressure on the structure.

Box dividers slot in seamlessly and do a much better job of preventing glassware from breaking. They’ll also have space to breathe too, meaning that you can make your glasses last longer and maintain their cleanliness too.

Glassjacks also is committed to helping business owners, bars and pubs make their glassware usage much safer. One of the significant challenges in these spaces is to pack fragile glassware correctly and to transport large amounts of it.

That’s why we offer glassjacks that can be used to transport glass quickly with excellent security. Our glassjacks fasten down glasses at the bottom to keep them fixed. As well as this, our boxes can be stacked away in the corner of the room when they aren’t in use, to create a safer space.


Glassjacks makes it easy to pack fragile glassware with our storage boxes. Storage boxes are a durable, innovative solution for glass safety and transportation. They’re suitable for everybody, and particularly for those who run businesses.

We make sure that our glassware storage boxes are easy to pack. With box dividers that fit around your preferred glass type, you can pack them quickly and without worry. No matter what kind of glassware you have, there’s box dividers that’ll fit around them.

There are innovative design features all across these storage boxes. They use corrugated plastic for increased strength and durability, and they feature soft rubber handles for quick lifting. Also, for if you need large amounts of storage, we sell our boxes in multipacks as well.

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Euro Crate glass storage offers a heavy-duty solution to packing fragile glassware. These are robust crates with internal dividers that are the ideal choice for large-scale transportation.

Because of their reinforced design, they can be stacked and placed onto pallets with ease. The corners of Euro Crates are reinforced too, to ensure that they’ll maintain their overall structure even when stacked in large towers.

These sturdy crates make it straightforward to pack fragile glassware and lots of it. Combined with our durable Genware line of glass, you’ll get glasses with unbelievable lifespans.


You could pack fragile glassware in your home with a professional security standard. Folding crate glass storage offers you a large amount of storage space and dependable protection.

The main strength of folding crate glass storage is its collapsible design. If you aren’t using the crates, you can break them down and place them in the corner. That way, you’ll maintain the space inside your kitchen.

Folding crates also feature soft handles to make them lifting them a simple task. You can also choose from our full selection of box dividers to slot inside your storage to make them completely secure. With our storage solutions, you can pack fragile glassware with peace of mind.

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To pack fragile glassware without worry and with professional standard security, then Glassjacks is the gold standard. We’ve been working with top customers and quality materials to ensure you get the best possible storage solutions.

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