Plastic Glasses For Parties In Hampshire

Owning a pub, café, restaurant, or any establishment that hosts parties in Hampshire is a fantastic opportunity to provide your customers with a great space to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and so much more! As a family-run business, Glassjacks understand that you want to present the best appearance for all patrons.

We also want you to be prepared when it comes to everything reopening again to their full capacities. Being ready for a new wave of customers with high-quality catering equipment such as some of the best plastic party glasses available on the market.

Better yet, we even offer storage solutions through our correx boxes and our euro crates. Stackable, easy storage that will keep your plastic party glasses safe and out of the way in line with health and safety regulations.
However, you don’t have to be a business owner to order our plastic glasses for parties. We offer a wide selection that is available for domestic customers too! By investing in our plastic glasses for parties, you will be choosing a solution that is easy to clean, durable, unbreakable while still emulating the aesthetic of glass.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave these via our online contact form. Our team will reach out to you quickly with an answer to your enquiries about the best plastic glasses for parties in Hampshire.

Plastic Cocktail Glasses For Parties

plastic glasses for parties hampshire

Perhaps you’re searching for a little bit of elegance when it comes to your plastic glasses for parties. That is why we house a comprehensive range of cocktail glasses made from robust polycarbonate. This means that they will not scratch or become damaged when dropped or put through the wash. Their enduring style with replicate how traditional glasses will look.

Better yet, because these plastic glasses for parties are made with such a material, they will make health and safety less of a headache. There will be no need to worry about these being accidentally dropped as they will not shatter as glass often does. In turn, this means that you can benefit from our plastic glasses for parties without needing to worry about clean-up should one of these be dropped. There will also be no need to worry about replacements either.

These plastic cocktail glasses come in a wide variety of styles to suit whatever drinks are ordered. This includes Hurricane cups, Margarita glasses, Pina Colada glasses, Martini glasses, Cocktail Tumblers, Plastic Gin Glasses and so much more.

Plastic Champagne Flutes For Parties

Plastic Glasses for parties near me hampshire

It is no secret that champagne is often the go-to drink for any kind of celebration. Birthday & Christmas parties, graduation celebrations, engagement parties and so many more provide a toast for the person/people in question. If you’re searching for plastic glasses for parties, look no further than the champagne flutes we have on offer.

These come in a variety of colours, styles and quantities. Anywhere from a single glass to bulk options. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our quantity options in more details, we will be more than happy to help you with all your enquiries.

Plastic Beer Glasses For Parties

party beer glasses hampshire

Another option that we have available are our incredible plastic beer glasses. These are the perfect plastic glasses for parties as we have a variety of solutions also available in pint and half-pint sizes. Whether you’re after the classic pub-style pint glass, something a bit taller and more elegant or the tankard style – we’re confident that you will be able to find everything you need to be prepared for reopening!

Why Choose Our Plastic Glasses For Parties?

Our plastic glasses for parties are ideal for homes and businesses alike because they are far safer than glass alternatives. When dropped, they will not shatter and become a hazard which is perfect for large events such as parties and more.

They are also dishwasher safe which means they will not lose their glass looking qualities and get scratched if cleaned in one of these machines. This is great news for businesses as they will not have to waste their time cleaning a large quantity of these at the end of the day!

Our plastic glasses for parties also provide an elegant aesthetic that will elevate your business in Hampshire and make yours stand out from the crowd.

Plastic Glasses For Parties Prices Hampshire

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