Plastic Party Glasses

Looking to give your parties a touch of flair with our plastic party glasses? We offer a wide variety of polycarbonate and polystyrene glass units. Enjoy all the benefits of elegant, shatter-resistant units without the environmental harm of single-use plastics. Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, our selection of glasses is available individually or in bulk – contact us if you have a large order to fill!

Glassjacks are dedicated to sustainable business practices, doing what we can to mitigate our carbon footprint. We offer plastic party glasses that can be reused over 1000 times without losing their sheen or strength. Invest in long-term performance with our plastic party glasses which are available for purchase from our online store.

Plastic Party Glasses

An Alternative To Glass

Whilst glass offers a beautiful, classy look, it’s not often practical and can be fragile. Our polycarbonate plastic party glasses are approximately 250 times stronger than glass models of the same shape as well as being significantly lighter. As such, they offer an enhanced level of usability and reliability without compromising on visual appeal.

The various styles of coloured plastic glasses we manufacture allow you to define the look of your parties and events. As opposed to cheaper disposable plastic glasses, our materials are extremely durable, thus making them much easier to transport and safer to use. Benefit from our stunning plastic party glasses.


Plastic Party Glasses Benefits

  • Safe for Glasswasher units
  • Premium grade polystyrene and polycarbonate models
  • Reusable over 1000 times
  • Enhanced durability making them nearly unbreakable
  • Lightweight compared to glass

Plastic Party Glass Costs

Our Plastic Party Glass Options

We have a variety of plastic party glasses suitable for different events. We understand that different parties and social gatherings require their own sense of style regarding glassware details, and we pride ourselves on our vast array of options for our customers to choose from. Whether it’s a late-night party, a wedding reception or a business convention, Glassjacks has you covered.

Our coloured polycarbonate glasses come in a broad palette of different colour finishes. Take your time to mix and match our models, stocking your next party with fun, exciting beverage holders. What’s a plastic party glass without a bit of colour?

Looking for an intricate design to complement a mixing masterpiece? Discover our beautiful plastic gin glasses & cocktail glasses. Provide your guests with an elegant selection of plastic party glasses, and enjoy your cocktails in style!

Make gorgeous measures of your favourite spirits with our plastic shot glasses. We offer clear plastic to assist your measurements and coloured plastic ideal for suiting your party’s visual themes.

We provide all these and many more plastic party glass options. Take a look at our online store to find your ideal polystyrene or polycarbonate plastic glasses. Get in touch if you want to order in bulk!

Plastic Party Glass Prices

Cost-Effective Plastic Party Glasses

With the longevity of glass and the affordability of plastic, our plastic party glasses are the best of both worlds. We offer competitive prices for glass units that will last for years at peak performance. You won’t have to worry about having to keep replacing plastic glasses you just bought – The durability and lifespan of our models make them great cost-effective options.

Our plastic party glasses aren’t vulnerable to heat and can withstand temperatures up to 145 degrees, making them very easy to clean and reuse in quick rotation. Ideal for a range of uses, these units will take your events to the next level. Glassjacks manufacture all of our products personally, meaning we can guarantee the market-leading quality of our plastic glassware. Work with us today!

Plastic Party Glass Suppliers

Plastic Party Glass Prices

Are you ready to upgrade your parties and events by purchasing plastic party glasses? We can deliver directly to your address – take a look at our online store here to compare styles and prices.

Do you have any questions regarding our products? Check our FAQ page to see if we’ve already answered. If not, you can use our online contact form to message us directly. If you’re looking to organise a bulk order of any of our plastic party glasses, get in touch with our team, and we’ll see what we can do to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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