Plastic Prosecco Glasses

Enjoy your drinks in style and raise a toast to remember with our stunning range of reusable plastic prosecco glasses. Explore the multiple benefits of light, reliable materials that avoid the environmental harm of single-use plastics. We offer a wide variety of models, allowing you to choose the best plastic prosecco glasses to suit your event.

We stock and deliver bulk orders of both polycarbonate and polystyrene glass units to locations across the UK. Many of our glasses can be washed and reused over 1000 times without losing their beauty or durability. Additionally, if you’re in need of extra glassware to accompany your plastic prosecco glasses, we supply all sorts of beverage holders. This includes jugs, wine glasses and shot glasses – take a look at our online store to see our full range!


Plastic Prosecco Glass Prices


Personal Service


Here at Glassjacks, we always go the extra mile for our customers. Whether it’s a smart-casual business event, a beautiful wedding, or just a party for your friends, our plastic prosecco glasses are bound to impress. Our team take care when preparing our glassware for delivery to ensure the final product is free of marks and blemishes which could detract from the gorgeous look of the models.

We provide a direct service which puts you first. Our extensive selection of reusable plastic glassware and boxes makes us the ideal providers for various events and parties. Our website has a comprehensive list of articles and news posts for you to familiarise yourself with our products. Our enthusiastic team are excited to get started with you and can offer advice or recommendations if you’re struggling to pick from our various styles of glassware.

Many event organisers enjoy the benefits of safe, reliable plastic glassware whilst looking for ideal ways to reduce environmental impact. Our plastic prosecco glass models offer a means of avoiding wasteful single-use plastic through an outstanding level of reusability. We’re committed to providing a sustainable, eco-friendly service which you can count on. Get in touch if you want to learn more about how we’re working to lower our carbon footprint.


Polystyrene and Polycarbonate


Our plastic prosecco glasses use two key materials – polystyrene and polycarbonate. Polystyrene provides a practical, easy-to-maintain plastic glass unit which is light and easy to use. The material is affordable and cost-effective, providing you with a cheap, reliable option for your next event. Polystyrene is a remarkable improvement over single-use plastic, which often ends up in a landfill.

Our elite plastic prosecco glasses are manufactured from strong, beautiful polycarbonate materials, making them virtually indestructible and with an added touch of flair. This premium-grade glassware won’t just last for over 1000 washes; it’ll also retain its sheen and sparkle. All of our plastic prosecco glass models are tested to ensure they meet our expectations.

Bulk Plastic Prosecco Glasses

Our plastic prosecco glasses offer the same standard of elegance and class as true glass units. However, they come with many added benefits. For example, our plastic glassware is shatter-resistant even when dropped onto hard surfaces. This makes them much safer for use, as you won’t have to worry about glass shards scattering across the floor. In addition, the light weight of our plastic prosecco glasses makes them much easier to transport and set up than glass.


Our Range of Plastic Prosecco Glasses


Our online store displays the dimensions and prices of our plastic prosecco glasses. Find the perfect flute to impress your guests and give your glassware the proper visual appeal. We offer both clear and frosted glass looks at competitive prices. The versatile Diamond Utopia model suits any table theme and is easy to hold and use for your guests. For an added edge, the Utopia Lucent Peak and Epernay’s convex designs ooze luxury and authenticity. 

Are you looking to add a bold sense of colour and fun? We stock a glorious palette of coloured plastic prosecco glasses in red, blue, gold, silver and more. Get creative with your setup and find the perfect combination of plastic prosecco glasses to give your event the wow factor. At Glassjacks, we pride ourselves on providing a wonderful array of various styles and models of plastic prosecco glasses for direct delivery.

Plastic Prosecco Glasses


Plastic Prosecco Glass Prices

Acquire a supply of market-leading plastic prosecco glasses for your personal or business needs. We have an online store for you to peruse our various models and order the ideal set.

If you have any enquiries regarding our service, check out our FAQ page to see if it’s already been addressed. If not, just use our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team – we can answer your questions and prepare any bulk orders you’re looking for.

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