Recyclable Glasses

Our recyclable glasses allow you to choose a sustainable option for your parties or events. We offer a range of glassware and barware solutions for customers looking to avoid single use plastic or high risk glass. You can order our strong, easy to hold polypropylene recyclable glasses directly from our online store for delivery to your location.

Whether you’re looking to manage an eco-friendly festival, host a business event or prepare for a party, Glassjacks has you covered. Our range of recyclable glasses is ideal for various uses and comes with many practical benefits. Due to their material, they are remarkably lightweight and easy to transport from place to place. In addition, they won’t shatter or break even when dropped on hard surfaces.

We believe that you deserve a transparent, open service that helps you to make informed decisions regarding your plastic glassware. Once your order is placed, we’ll work hard to get it delivered quickly, safely and of the standard you deserve. Invest in high quality products that are designed with your convenience in mind. Get in touch with us today.

Biodegradable Plastic Glasses


Eco Friendly Business Practices

Single use plastic has been under increasing scrutiny in recent years. As plastic has become an essential material for modern life, disposable plastic materials, such as straws and packages, have ended up in landfills. Even worse, a large quantity of plastic is discarded in natural habitats such as the ocean, where they contaminate the ecosystem and directly harm wildlife.

In order to curb this problem, more and more businesses have taken a vested interest in reducing their plastic waste to appeal to an environmentally conscious public. You’ve likely noticed that many pubs and restaurants have stopped using plastic straws, opting instead for paper alternatives where necessary. This is one example of how the food service industry has adapted to recent trends.

Our recyclable glasses go one step further – by providing you with repurposable glassware, you’re able to contribute to the preservation of nature’s most beautiful features and dramatically cut down on plastic wastage. This is something your guests and customers will appreciate and will help you to offer a world class service which is also sustainable. Our supply can help your business go green!

Recyclable Plastic Glasses


Biodegradable Plastic Glasses

The sole material used in our recyclable glasses is food-grade polypropylene, which is a reliable, ethically sourced plastic type that is created from recycled plastic. This product is fully compatible with the recycling loop of conventional PP and will not be adversely affected in terms of properties and performance as a result. Other alternatives to single use plastic, such as paper cups, are much more complex to recycle than polypropylene glasses.

Our recyclable glasses are biodegradable, and they will start to degrade after long-term exposure to air, moisture and heat. This means when properly disposed of, these glass cups will break down and decompose fully after one year of exposure. As a result, each biodegradable cup is one less single use plastic cup in a landfill or natural habitat. No special facilities are required to create the appropriate conditions for biodegradation.

The technology used in our recyclable glasses is referred to as Biotransformation, a synergetic process which results in the product devolving into bioavailable oligomeric residue. We don’t use any additives in these cups, which means they will break down naturally with no harmful microplastics being left behind.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Glasses


Recyclable Glass Prices

Are you ready to make an environmentally friendly choice for your next event? You can purchase our recyclable glasses in bulk from our online store. Alternatively, we sell premium quality reusable plastic glassware – take a look through our website to see our extensive selection. If you have any questions for us, you can contact us through our online form!

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