Blue Champagne Glasses – Polycarbonate – 24 Pack

£69.85 Inc .VAT
£58.21 Excl .VAT

  • Blue Plastic Poycarbonate Champagne Flutes
  • Elite Premium 6.6oz Champagne Flute Royal Blue NS
  • Product Code : GJ-141-1RB NS-24
  • Carton Quantity : 24
  • Manufactured In : UK
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Strength : Virtually unbreakable
  • Glass Washer Safe : Yes
  • Life Span : over 1000 Cycles
  • Top Width : 55mm
  • Bottom Width : 67mm
  • Overall Height : 219mm
  • Weight : 76g
  • Capacity : 187ml/18.7cl/6.6oz
  • CE Marked : N/A
  • Colour : Royal Blue
  • Reusable : Yes
  • Recyclable : Yes
  • For our economy range of reusable plastic glassware please click on this link Econ Reusable Plastic Glasses.

Product Details

Each item sold separately

Product Code: GJ-141-1RB NS-24

Units: Each


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Bulk Buy offers Blue Reusable Plastic Polycarbonate Champagne Glasses, 24 pack.

A fun and alternative way to serve champers and all other fizz.

Perfect if you are planning an event or gathering and would like to introduce a theme.

Plastic champagne glasses look and feel premium quality.

The polycarbonate material has superior strength over other plastic materials and is almost unbreakable. 

Provide a practical alternative to glass, particularly if you are expecting a large number of guests or you are catering for an outside event. 

Washed and reuse then recycle at the end of their life.

Glassjacks Ltd have a range other colours available in these plastic flutes.