Compartment Glass Racks – Glass max height 160mm

£79.32 Inc. VAT
£66.10 Excl. VAT

  • Rack Code = GR36-2
  • To achieve your glass rack height of 160mm this product is supplied with 2 extenders.
  • Glass max width / max diameter = 68mm
  • Glass max height = 160mm
  • Cells = 36 cells
  • All our compartment glass racks are base size of 49cm x 49cm and a standard height of 79mm. To achieve a height greater than 79mm, you will be supplied with the required number of extenders (inclusive in the price).
  • Suitable for industrial dishwashers only
  • Please Note: this item is non-returnable

Product Details

Each item sold separately

Product Code: GR36-2

Units: Each


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Compartment Glass Racks / Genware glass racks allow those in the hospitality industry to easily wash, store and transport glasses. Its design allows for a perfect water flow during intense washing cycles, and also facilitates the influx of hot air during drying. The shape of the rack enables it to stack easily and firmly on each other and the interlocking extenders can be inserted into the rack bases to reach any desired height.

Perfect for washing, storage and protection of your glassware.

  • Made From High Quality Polypropylene
  • Designed For Perfect Water Flow During Washing
  • Food Safe And Hygienic
  • Lightweight, Strong And Impact Resistant
  • Integrated Handles For Easy Handling
  • Stackable
  • Ideal For Washing, Storing And Transporting Glassware